Gadis Melayu kahwin pemuda Sikh

Seorang Pegawai Khas YB Halimah Saddique, menyampaikan tulisan Illi Najwa Saddique, anak saudara beliau yang dikatakan berkahwin secara tradisi Sikh di India. Illi Najwa adalah Muslim Malaysia dan perkahwinan beliau mendapat bantahan dari Netizen yang menyalahkan Menteri berkenaan, Kerajaan Malaysia, Menteri Agama, dan keluarga wanita tersebut.

Saya kongsikan tulisan Illi Najwa Saddique;

First of all ribuan ampun dan maaf atas segala yg berlaku. Illi tak dpt nak reply earlier since myself are really down at the moment and so stressful (not about the netizen comments but when it involved untie limah) 

Mummy dah Ada tegor Illi mengenai hal ni semua dan Illi tahu segala silap dan salah yg Dah berlaku atas kejahilan Illi dan Manpreet but few clarifications from my end: 

 1. Manpreet dah converted to Islam since last year 

2. I have never changed my name nor religion as what they are saying, my name will always be Illi Najwa Anuar Hussin Saddique. His family has been calling me Navpreet since 2012 since it’s difficult for them to call me by name 

3. We have done our Nikah on 16th morning itself but keeping it private (certificate will be obtained on Wednesday next week) 

4. Regarding the video and all we do not requested for it as we know the sensitivity of the issues. But things are out of control from the media here and we believe their sources obtained it. I’m not happy throughout the process nor Manpreet and he is not agreeing for all this too happened. He too don’t want all this because he knows all the consequences 

5. We are not saying what we are doing is right but we have no options and Manpreet never give any sensitive statement and when Manpreet found out he has get them to put it all down from the news 

6. Regarding me travelling here I follow the exact procedure and they has never been any special approval from both parties. I submitted all documents accordingly as requested but people assuming different way 

7. I’m unsure how they found out that I’m unties niece when we have never posted or announced it any where. This is why I’m the first place I dowan to involve anyone n I told mama the same but for the sake 

Sorry if you have been dragged into this as I don’t mean to harm or embarrassed anyone in the family 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Kredit : izlin idris
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